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The Road to 0.2

geschrieben am 26.06.2007 um 21:31 - RSS 2.0 - Tags: , , ,

The next steps towards PlugInstaller 0.2 are taken! As 0.2 will be a major release, several new features will be included, for example:

  • Complete integration of install/uninstall functions into a redesigned plugin management page
  • Automatic updating of plugins (at least for hosted plugins)
  • As well as some minor changes that will eliminate possible problems on non-standard WP installations.

There are still some things to do and it will take some more days to complete the release, but for those of you who already want to try the new version, I have provided a preview version for download: PlugInstaller 0.2 preview version (be sure to upgrade to the final version if it becomes available!)

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